When to come

There are several possibilities to visit Mõisamaa Eco-centre – open house days, work parties, experiential weekends, workshops, trainings and other public events published on this webpage and our Facebook page. Our public events typically also include a tour of Mõisamaa that will give you a better overview of our activities. Experiential weekends provide a chance to participate common works, talking circles and to get a closer look of the community.
If you wish to stay at Mõisamaa longer, there are two possibilities for that – as a volunteer or a guest.

With prior agreement we can offer instructed work-parties to groups: e.g. creating permaculture beds, garden work and light building work, Mõisamaa Eco-centre tour, cultural program (e.g. 5 rhythm dance, talking circle) and lunch. Please book group visits at least one month before the event.

Mõisamaa Eco-centre is also home for the members of the Small Footprint community.

We kindly ask you to book your visit outside public events at least a week before, so we can organize a receiving person. During workdays and regular weekends our people might be occupied with other tasks and not able to provide the necessary and deserved attention to guests.

If you wish to visit Mõisamaa, please contact us.

How to arrive

Lodging and food fee

  • Guest: Lodging: 25 € per day and food: 7 EUR per meal
  • Volunteer: In case of volunteer work 6h/day, lodging (bed in shared room) and food: 10 EUR per day (minimum 3 days)
  • You can also become a community’s friend-supporter and support the community with a monthly contribution of 30-50€ and when occasionally visiting, lodging and food will be 11 € per day, also voluntary work of at least 1h per day like permanent members.