Small Footprint has grown into Mõisamaa Ecocentre

By 14. May 2022Uudised

It is spring, the time of changes and rebirth – also in our community. We have come to a decision to change our NAME. Our community will be 8 years old this year and the name Small Footprint can take a well earned retirement. We have recognized that the first phase of learning and growth is complete and our experience allows us to increase our impact on the world.

Our new name is MÕISAMAA ECOCENTRE. Why this name? Because it describes us most accurately – we live in an ecocentre in Mõisamaa (Estonia). We are creating a sustainable lifestyle centre in Mõisamaa, where we share our worldview and experiences on existing in harmony with oneself, others and the surrounding nature, while practicing this lifestyle daily.