Garden &
Community life

If you want to experience all aspects of community life, love to work in the garden and take care of plants, are familiar with or want to learn the principles of permaculture, want to eat delicious organic and self-grown food, then you are exactly who we want to come live with us!

From February / March,
for 7-8 months

We offer you the opportunity to live in the community of Mõisamaa Ecocentre (accommodation and food) for 7–8 months (starting from February / March) free of charge. The expected contribution to the garden is 25 hours a week. 

If you are entrepreneurial, you have the opportunity to plan the garden in such a way as to generate income for yourself from the garden. All possibilities are open to you, just dream and make it a reality.

Your natural interest

The most important, even more important than the previous gardening experience, is your interest in natural ways of gardening, the ability to persevere, and the courage to experiment. It is important to us that you rejoice in what you do, and not too important what your previous experience is.


In all the work you will do, community members (and volunteers) will be ready to help with both advice and work.

Some members of the community are especially active in the garden and others only visit the garden from time to time, but you can certainly cocreate with everyone and apply their different skills in the necessary work. 

Be a bold garden leader or develop your leadership qualities in a safe and supportive environment.

The area

The area of ​​the garden is currently about 0,8 ha, where mainly vegetables, herbs, and medicinal plants grow for community members and visitors. 

We have 3 greenhouses (180, 60 and 25 m2), berry bushes, and an orchard with more than 100 apple and other fruit trees. We also have 27 hectares of organic farmland, which we are currently renting out, but if an active farmer would join the community we could start using it ourselves.

Community member

As a member of the community, you also participate in all community activities – household meetings, heart circle (deep sharing practice), joint planning and conducting of events, 

and more. 

It is important for us that you become a full member of the community while living in Mõisamaa.

Contact us

If you want to learn more about the offer and ask questions,
please contact us as soon as possible and we will arrange an online meeting time!