Last year in Mõisamaa Ecocentre community

By 11. Sep 2022Uudised

In August we started our ninth and last year. Our community has reached the point where we have decided to finish our activity as a community at Mõisamaa and sell the property.

There are a few reasons, the main being that this great place would be suitable to a larger group but, we haven’t seen the growth that we hoped for. To date, there are 4 committed members, none of whom has lost faith in communities, but our needs and preferences have grown apart.

During the time together a lot has been done. We started as a community, school, permaculture garden and training center. We have been a home and springboard for many great members and volunteers, who have stayed here over the years. At one point we also changed our name.

We are grateful for all the experiences this place and these people have given us. Five years of community school, many training courses and workshops, workparties, camps for children and adults, celebrating solstices and equinoxes, sweat lodges, dancing, cacao ceremonies, homegrown pure food, producing raw chocolate, woodworking, handicrafts and renovation.
It has been a great self-development environment and accelerator, that has amplified everyone’s greatest talents, skills, but also fears and other shadow sides. So it has been a good place for learning to feel and express, experiencing the joy of togetherness and cooperation, learning endurance and feeling the joy of achievements in complicated situations. We have gathered courage to try new things, we have been inspired, and have inspired others, we have felt the healing effect of community lifestyle.

We are grateful for the organic garden and field, the diverse nature. We are grateful for the honest and open communication and sociocratic decision making and leadership system that has created more trust and transparency.

And we are especially grateful to all the people who have lived here or connected to us in any way. In the following months we will hold a thank you party, where all ex members, volunteers and supporters are welcome. We’ll keep you posted when the time is right.

Selve, Jaanika, Ave, Paavo