Looking for a community gardener

We are looking for a gardener to our intentional community in Mõisamaa, Estonia. We are a small, rural community and we have a permaculture inspired kitchen garden (0.1ha) and large orchard where we grow vegetables, herbs and apples to our community and guests. We also have 3 polytunnels (ca 240m2), that we use for propagation, growing heat loving veggies as well as seeds. We have a decent collection of heritage vegetable varieties. Most of our growing is on raised beds and we use a lot of mulch and compost. Our gardening principle has been to grow first the soil and then the food.

We are looking for a person to join us who is willing to take the responsibility of growing food to our community and guests in the growing season of 2020. We offer help in planning the garden and works, seeds and propagating plants. We offer the gardener an opportunity to use volunteer help as we will host 2 one month long youth camps in spring and summer. Also it is an option to use individual volunteers and occasional help of community members.

We wish to buy produce from the garden to the community kitchen with fair price. Moreover, the size of our garden is suitable also to sell the produce out of the community and increase the income.  We offer living space and community as a main client for most of the produce, plus an experience of community life. Our expectation is that the gardener would commit to our garden from 1.04 – 1.10.2020 at least 25 hours per week.. 

This is a very good opportunity for somebody who has interest and some experience growing food and would like to get some more practice. It is also an opportunity for somebody to experience community life and to live in the countryside.

If interested, please get in touch latest by 24th of February at liina.jarviste@gmail.com and describe your experience and interests.