Raw food workshop

The community Väike Jalajälg opens its doors on the 22nd of August. On this day, we will make a small tour in our community and you can have a closer look at what we do and what is growing in our abundant garden.
From the fruits and veggies from our own land, as well as from some other raw materials grown organically in the neighbouring countries, we can easily and quickly prepare a multi-course healthy dinner without having to use expensive and specific machines. By applying simple preperation methods, we make sure that all valuable enzymes, vitamins and minerals are preserved.

Community member Jaanika Savolainen has been on a journey of raw food for 10 years. During this workshop, she shares her personal practical tips as well as her favourite recipes, which can be prepared from cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, zucchinis, beets, carrots etc.
This workshop is for you if you want to add lightness and health to your diet or if you want to expand your usual menu, feed your body consistently with the best fuel and get inspiration on how to use the abundant fruits and vegetables available in Estonia right now.

Jaanika Savolainen: I have started my raw foor journey 10 years ago and it has been a great journey of self-love, opening up and healing. It has become my lifestyle, which I am happy to share with you. In addition to the diet, I consider it important to exercise, breathe, live in harmony with nature, grow our own food according to the principles of permaculture and to live in a community.  For the last 1.5 years, I have been doing practical raw food workshops under the name of creative cooking and also offering people personal experience counseling. I work as an occupational therapist on a daily basis, I have worked with special people for over 20 years. I find that each person is unique and therefore the diet is very personal – there are as many different diets as there are different people. So we can make conscious choices, we can really listen to our bodies and we know what is the best fuel for us, and we can get closer to the best health and vitality in smaller or larger steps.


16.00 Gathering and tour in the community, including the garden.

17.00 Practical workshop of raw food and enjoying a 3-course dinner in pleasant company. 

Contribution 25.- 

You can also buy some vegetables from the garden and raw chocolate on site.

Pre-registration is required to participate in the workshop, as the participant  number is limited to 15: jaanikasavolainen@gmail.com or +3725270030