How Rising Together and Co-Creating a New Culture Can Help Create a PermaCulture for Humanity

By 15. Feb 2018Trainings

I’m excited to have this opportunity to share with you about our upcoming workshop “Rising Together, Co-creating a New Culture –  a workshop about A Permaculture for Humanity.”

We are presently in one of the very best and most unique times in human history where there are inspiring opportunities to make a change in our existing culture — to pioneer and fully participate in the co-creation of a new culture ~ a new paradigm that will be very different from the past.

If you look around the world today, the primary challenge that we face as a human race is we have depleted and damaged the earth, our beloved soil all over our world. We haven’t taken care of nature in all its beautiful manifestations. This is why permaculture is so important because without healthy earth we cannot flourish. We need to deepen and enrichen our earth through composting, to create rich, healthy soil so that all life forms can grow abundantly.

Permaculture has traditionally been defined as a system of environmental, social, economic and ecological design principles that are modeled from natural ecosystems.

You might ask, “What is a PermaCulture for Humanity?

A PermaCulture for Humanity is a Transformational Whole Systems approach that is needed for Planetary Change. Planetary Change requires that each one of us creates a new culture within ourselves.

A Permaculture for Humanity begins with you

We all have a deep desire to be the best we can be to live life fully, intimately with loving mutual connections. You and I come from the earth, and All life is generated from this composting process, Yes, All life comes out of this composting process, We are earth. We are human soil. That is why composting and enrichening your human soil is so vitally important.

When you pay attention to composting yourself, you develop a meaningful and loving garden inside your beautiful body. When you cultivate healthy human soil inside yourself, you create fertile ground for your relationships to thrive Composting yourself is the way to create a new-culture within yourself. Only then are we capable of living harmoniously in community.

Rising Together is the call for a people’s action movement that rises out of the earth.

Co-creating a new Culture is a people’s action movement that cultivates and harvests our humanity, our humanness, and our togetherness.

Co-creating a new culture is the focus of the people’s action movement, cultivating and harvesting our humanity and our humanness, as a foundation for the new culture. A culture that is cooperative, peaceful, resilient, and sustaining.

Co-creating a new culture is vital to all life forms if our world is to thrive and survive. Only in that way can we live meaningful and harmonious lives together.

A PermaCulture for Humanity is about Human Relationships

Healthy human relationships are crucial to our survival. It begins with a relationship with yourself. All relationships are born from and begin with you: Relationships with your family, your community or tribe, with the land you call home, with nature and with the world at large.

How do you cultivate an intimate connection and a felt-sense of belonging?

How can you remain deeply rooted within yourself, stable within your trunk and expansive within the branches of your own tree, so that you may connect with your family of choice?

A Permaculture for Humanity emphasizes that Life is a shared experience between people and their environment so that all life forms can grow abundantly.

We all have a deep desire and a need for self-fulfillment, to grow and to evolve. I have called this process ‘A Permaculture for Humanity,’ an integrated system of relationship and personal growth principles that have been gleaned and harvested from the leading teachers of the human potential movement.

Stay tuned for Blog #3. It will give you more information about the upcoming Rising Together Workshop, deepen your understanding of the value and importance of self-care, self -composting, and cultivating your own wellness. May you live alive, wakeful, happy and successful lives!

Join the movement for change at the next Rising Together Workshop!

Together we can co-create a new culture

By Rising Together, YOU make a difference