Food as the Creator and Centre of a Community!

By 30. Jan 2018Trainings

How can food connect people? What happens when producing food, celebrating food is at the core of a community? 

We are ready to explore the issues of food at the centre of communities through permaculture. We’ll do that together with Steve Hart – a renown and experienced permaculture designer and professional architect. 

We’ll discuss how food creates different types of communities, how to vitalise and connect communities. How to create supportive environment around different food producing technologies. Also, we’d like to share and discuss the ongoing permaculture design of the community Small Footprint. We warmly welcome participants who are interested to enrich and develop their urban, rural, food, intentional or other type of communities. Previous permaculture knowledge is not needed, but interest towards local food and/or communal cooperation is beneficial. 

You are all very welcome to participate at the workshop on 11th of February 2018, in Mõisamaa manor, Rapla county, Estonia. We start on Sunday at 10.00 and finish at 18.00. During the lunch break we’ll do a tour and presentation of the place. We are able to provide simple but fulfilling vegetarian food (vegan options possible). You are also welcome to arrive the previous evening and we’ll provide accommodation in common spaces on the floor. The sliding scale for participation is 25-55€ for Sunday (incl. lunch and tea breaks). If you’d like to come the day before, have dinner, breakfast and stay over – additional 20€ apply. 

Seminar is in English with Estonian translation. The event is supported by Swedish Institute’s project “Polyculture”. 

Please confirm your participation by registering latest by 5th of February.

Steve Hart has focused in his career on sustainable architecture, design and communities. During his long professional career he has been active as urban architect and planner, landscape architect, community development consultant, permaculture designer on different scales and policy creator. He has worked with permacultre creator Bill Mollison and is active at permaculture educational networks. His strengths are permaculture design, resilient cooperation models and the role of food in them. He has been active in Australia, New-Zealand and several places in Europe.