Ecovillage Design Education in September 2019

By 4. Jul 2018Trainings
Gaia Academy and our community Small Footprint will co-host a month long international Ecovillage Design Education in September 2019.
Ecovillage Design Education programs, often referred to as ‘EDEs’, provide participants of all ages with the knowledge and practical skills to design a society which uses energy and materials with greater efficiency, distributes wealth fairly and strives to eliminate the concept of waste. The program will also address social sustainability and provide tools for communication, conflict resolution and cooperation – all important aspects for any kind of communal project. The original curriculum was developed by Global Ecovillage Network and is certified by Gaia Education.
Previous participants have become agents of positive culture change in their communities and regional economies, they’ve co-created social enterprises and cooperatives, started community projects and became trainers for sustainability themselves – to name only a few paths you can take afterwards. The course will equip you with skills and knowledge you will be able to put into action in any field or sector you are involved with.
The first EDE in Estonia in 2011 was great inspiration for the core group of our community to start designing and preparing for communal living. This program has also inspired the foundation of Gaia School – a primary school inspired by Gaia Education curriculum and Gaia Academy a non-formal education center under the umbrella of Estonian Ecovillage Network.
Interested about our course in September 2019?
Please read more from Gaia Academy website.

More info about EDE curriculum you can from Gaia Education website.