We have space and resources to hold workshops with facilitators from our community, circle or friends and guests. One can also rent our facilities for organising workshops. We organise events at the community that are about different aspects of sustainable and regenerative lifestyle (economic, social, worldview and ecologic).

Since June 2016 Small Footprint offers workshops and events on different subjects to groups of interested people. For more information see our workshops offerings page.

We often celebrate solstices and Equinoxes as public events with a sweatlodge ceremony or dancing, singing or playing.

Some previous events

  • 2020 
    • Series of Gardening workshops on microgreens and sprouting, greenhouse growing, composting, wild-plants, etc.
    • Erasmus Plus training for youth workers Sustainability Youth Exchanges
    • Gaia Academy “Basic of Sustainable Life” (EDE).
  • 2019
    • Elu 5 festival – environment-friendly lifestyle festival with a goal to bring environmental subjects to a broader audience. Three main subjects were education, permaculture and music. Performers included specialists from different fields and musicians.
    • International EDE (Ecovillage Design Education) course Eestis – a month-long course focused on acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for realizing community projects based on a holistic worldview, and creating a better world. Instructors included Albert Bates (USA), Bernd Neugebauer (Mexico), Mihkel Kangur, Liisa Puusepp, Sven Aluste, Toomas Trapido and other experts from Estonia, incl. community members.
    • Series of Gardening workshops on microgreens and sprouting, greenhouse growing, composting, wild-plants, etc.
  •  2018
    • Rising Together community building and leadership training (Ronski Kosky, Canada)
    • Food and Community design with Steve Hart (New-Zealand). The event is supported by Swedish Institute’s project “Polyculture”
    • Men’s retreat with Raivo Juhanson and Marek Koit
    • Gaia Academy “Basic of Sustainable Life” (EDE)
  • 2017
    • Dragon Dreaming intensive course with John Croft (AUS) and Lizandra Barbuto (BRA), see more here.
    • An international strategy week of Gaia Education in schoolsThe World We Want“ with experts from several countries
    • SCIPP/CLIPS international project meeting on mentoring communities
    • Women’s camp with Kristina Paškevicius
    • Men’s and women’s camp with Raivo Juhanson, Marek Koit, Kristina Paškevicius
    • Men’s retreat with Raivo Juhanson and Marek Koit
    • Children’s camp Native American style
    • Gaia Academy “Basic of Sustainable Life” (EDE).
  • 2016
    • Community technique “Forum with Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker (from ZEGG community, Germany)
    • Children’s camp Native American style
    • Gaia Academy “Basic of Sustainable Life” (EDE).
  • 2015
    • Evening seminars of NGO Network of Estonian Eco-communities Off-grid energy solutions, with Maarja Õunaste and Jim Self from the organization ThePoosh.
    • International permaculture design certificate course (PDC) with Klaudia van Gool from the UK. The course was supported by the ministry of internal affairs and National Foundation of Civil Society.
    • Community-based decision-making process “Sociocracy” with Fredjan Twight and Carien Huijzer from Holland. Fredjan Twight is also one of the founders of Ecodorp Bergen ecovillage.
    • We hosted the biggest ecovillage-related event, the summer gathering of Estonian eco-communities with 200 guests (august 2015). During the three days there were dozens of lectures and public discussions on sustainable economy. The lecturers included Charles Eisenstein, promoter of gift economy (USA), Thomas Heuser (ZEGG community, Germany), Reet Aus (ReUse, MTÜ Lilleoru), Priit Mikelsaar (Uuskasutuskeskus, LaMuu, Biomarket), Henri Laupmaa (Fundwise, Hooandja). Arbo Tammiksaar presented his film “Christ Lives in Siberia“. There was also Rändaja’s concert.
  • 2014
    • Group processes course “Deep Democracy” with Robert Palusinski, Poland.

On summer solstices we have hosted wonderful dance retreats with Kristina Paškevicius.

Small Footprint has been one of the main learning bases for Gaia Academy, the Estonian equivalent of EDE (Ecovillage Design Education) course. 

You are welcome to our trainings to discover and learn how to make communities truly sustainable!