Today’s world calls for community builders that are embodied, creative, holistic, collaborative and heart-led. Ecovillages and communities need connected, expressive individuals; folks who have the courage to answer the call that is unique to their life path and embraces their essence.

Community Building and Leadership Workshop

Begins: June 25th 2019, at 14:00
Ends: July 1st 2019, at 14:00
Location: Väike Jalajälg (Small Footprint) intentional community Mõisamaa, Märjamaa parish, Estonia.

Who is This Workshop for and What You Can Expect?

Rising Together is an intensive 7-day leadership workshop for community builders and change makers.

You can expect to have a transformative life-changing learning experience. Participants will come from communities, ecovillages, and urban communities. This workshop embraces the embodied permaculture of our inner garden, our humanity. This is a practical and experiential workshop. Bring your Community vision, your whole self, your inner challenges, an open perspective. We’ll bring you practical tools, effective practices and a celebratory mindset for how to compost your fertile human soil, lead from the heart to live a passionate and inspired life.

We Will

  • Learn the Way of Council, a conscious communication practice for a community or any group.
  • Learn how to harvest the emotional wisdom of your community and cultivate your ability to listen with your heart-eyes.
  • Develop skills and capacity to build greater trust and transparency within your relationships.
  • Engage in Shadow Work, transforming inner patterns that keeps us in fear or in need to control, limiting our ability to support what wants to emerge.
  • Experience Conscious Creative Self-Expression Approaches: supporting greater inner freedom, mindfulness, creativity and emotional intelligence.
  • Bring greater consciousness of feminine / masculine dynamics, supporting better integration and trust between genders and within yourself.
  • Look into conflict-resolution and learn to be grounded, embodied and truthful in tense situations.
  • Learn Ritual, Group Practices, and Circles: Creating in your community a field of trust that honors the natural cycle of life, celebrating our humanity and magnificent collective capacity.

Rising Together is here to make your life journey more joyful, conscious and effortless. Bring your Community vision, your whole self, your inner challenges and an opened perspective. We’ll bring you practical tools, effective practices and a mindset that lies at the core of a healthy and thriving community or ecovillage.

Fees & Registration

275-675 euros (Sliding scale depending on income).

Registration is closed now.

Accommodation & Food

Accommodation is in a shared room with your own sleeping gear or in a tent outside. We provide bedding for extra cost.
We offer seasonal and locally sourced vegetarian/vegan meals.
For accommodation, transportation and questions contact us at 


The Rising Together Leadership program uses a collaborative co-facilitation model that includes everyone’s leadership potential, fostering servant leadership. 

Ronski Kosky (Canada) with a team of amazing facilitators to include Paavo EensaluMarek Koit, Riinu Lepa from Väike Jalajälg community, Elina Perttola (Finland) plus others.

Ronski Kosky MA, B.Sc., B.Ed.

Ronski is an experienced facilitator and community weaver, dynamic, intuitive, inspiring and personal. From Hawaii to Finland, thousands of people have taken his workshops, training programs in community development, embodied permaculture, and the art of Leadership. Ronski lives and is a full-time member of Small Footprint Community.

Known for his listening skills and alive presence, his vital life affirming approach inspires, encourages and supports individuals in their healing journey. He is trained in non-violent communication, the art of touch, is a yoga and dance teacher, practices the Tantra of living and supports communities to evolve, grow and heal.

For your enjoyment here is the video that shows some of the things we explore and play with in Rising Together 2018, as we learn about ourselves and being in Community.

Here are visual images of our community, celebration events at Väike Jalajälg (Small Footprint) intentional community Mõisamaa, Estonia.