Gaia School is a private school that follows the principles of the international sustainable development program of Gaia Education.

Gaia School is a community school – a growing space for children, families, teachers and other community members. In this school attention is paid to the way knowledge is shared so that the talents of each student will find expression and weaker skills get supported. The school follows the principle that the best learning is practical life and the best teacher is a master of a subject. As the group is small it’s possible to create possibilities for children to learn through action. Children trade at fairs, hike, help keep bees, plant trees and model bowls. In a word – they live.

Gaia School – as the name suggests – believes in the constant co-creation of the Earth and its people. Every week our schoolchildren can be seen in the forest, bog, around a fire, or in the sea. Nature and language studies are priorities. Gaia School creates itself with each day, month and year and every school day is a discovery.

The school was conceived at a course for Gaia Education trainers where the possibilities and freedoms of Estonian education landscape were discussed in thrilling conversations. Repeatedly the idea emerged – what else can a school provide to children’s education besides the knowledge in the curriculum.
So this is how Gaia School was opened in autumn of 2014. Gaia School is the first general education school in the world where the principles of Gaia Education are followed in harmony with a statutory curriculum. Until then Gaia Education trainings had been offered in numerous countries as further education courses for adults only.

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Gaia school’s Mõisamaa class

Since autumn 2015 an official class of Gaia School operates in Mõisamaa. Mõisamaa class can currently teach children of the I, II and III school level or grades 1-9. The class is also open to children from outside the community.

Mõisamaa Gaia School is unique because learning takes place in the environment of an actual community. This enables children to learn through practical participation and to experience sustainable future solutions. The everyday activities of children are held by a heart teacher but also other community members contribute to children’s education with their competences. In our school children will get a true-to-life education based on an individual approach by being able to spend much time in the middle of life and outdoors. In 2019 our composite class has 8 children.

Contact information

Mõisamaa Gaia school principal: Riinu Lepa