Dinner and gong night

By 19. Aug 2021Events

You are welcome to visit our community and the gong night that follows.
We start with a gathering at 5PM and offer cocoa. Then we do a little tour of the community.
At 18.30 / 19.00 you will receive a abundant dinner, which is largely prepared from vegetables grown in our garden.
Preparations for the gong night start at 21.00. Gong night lasts 22:00-07.00. In the morning you will have a light and fruity breakfast.

Gong night is a deep reflection on the inner space, where Earth and Neptune interact in the space between planets and stars. We go into a dream world where we meet ourselves and see bright pictures of what we carry. Our theme is inner clarity so that we can see the future with a pure childish gaze and feel like a divine being on the path of life.The gong night lasts all night, with the gongs sounding 10 x 45 minutes, which is called the ultimate therapeutic experience. We gather in the hall at 9PM and settle in before a relaxing journey. At 10PM the sound experience will start, which will last until 6AM. After that there is an hour of silence when everyone can sleep and later we will gently bring you back with delicious fruits to refresh your soul after a night’s sleep.
Gong night is preceded by a sound journey, during which we play gongs, crystal bowls and other healing instruments to tune the body’s consciousness to its perfection and original potential. Sounds have the ability to heal our soul wounds, tidy up the lymphatic and glandular systems, create clarity and provide joy in life.

NB! Bring comfortable bedding (including a mat/mattress) to set up for the night.

Simo Santeri Virtanen and Mirjam Tammela will be our sound therapists for the night. When they play healing sounds, they use the power of the voice and the rays of light from reiki. You can learn more about Simo and Mirjam at https://www.merkabasoundhealing.com/

The number of places for the event is limited, please register for the event: jaanikasavolainen@gmail.com or +3725270030

Contribution 40.-