Youthful summer 2020

For two years now we have had the privilege to host European Solidarity Corps volunteers. We have offered young Europeans an experience to contribute to creating a regenerative future and inspire them to become changemakers in their home communities. With the special conditions due to the Covid measures, we had to rearrange a lot about the timing, activities and hosting but luckily enough we were still able to welcome youth in summer. We hosted 2 groups of a dozen young people in group service from Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Sweden, UK, Slovenia and Estonia. Our main aim was to offer an experience in community living in its various aspects – how to co-create a supportive social atmosphere, work together, make decisions about practical life, share feelings, have fun, take care and be in contact with the natural environment and be more mindful about your inner self and others. The volunteers were contributing to creating a more biodiverse environment in Mõisamaa in our orchards, park and permaculture inspired garden. Together we also renovated a number of community spaces starting from the entrance to guest rooms. We also cooked and cleaned together, shared in heart circles, had cozy time around the fire and with good films, went on a boat, bike and walking trips in the surrounding nature. We are very grateful that both last and this year we have had the chance to cooperate with Maarja Village and included young people with special needs to our volunteer groups. It has been invaluable in creating a very caring, light and enriching experience both to our community as well as to all the other young volunteers.

Most often we heard feedback that the weeks spent in Mõisamaa were very special – gave new skills and impulses, understanding of living in connection with nature, created new supportive relationships, offered challenges and most importantly, were about inner growth and expansion. Last but not least, being part of growing and preparing the fresh vegetarian and vegan food, plus sharing of the cuisines of different countries left an impression to many. All of us in the Väike Jalajälg community are extremely grateful for the presence and contribution of all the volunteers of 2020.