The vision for us is a tool for decision making and we reflect on it on our bi-annual retreats. In 2020, we summarized it in 4 core points.

Healing mankind and Earth
Sustainable and cooperation-based culture, regenerating and taking care of our natural environment.

Being a model
Creating together a practical transition that shows concrete personal benefit, a gentle revolution to a culture of cooperation. Our aim is to create an integrated alternative to the current system. In practical terms, it means striving toward economical, ecological, social and spiritual sustainability. It also means having the ambition to promote and spread this model through training and other experiences. Our intention is to find ways to test how to find alternatives to the existing social, cultural and economic patterns instead of demolishing them. 

Grounded life in the countryside
It means producing your own food, living with the seasons, not being afraid of physical work, and being capable of taking responsibility.

A place to be yourself
Here you can expect to be yourself, authentic and not judged. It is a place for everybody that shares the same vision and are willing to experience the magic of co-creating life together. It is a place for personal development and to enjoy conscious life. It is a place for people who love the Earth and all its beings and also love themselves.


  1. I am the creator of my experience. I strive toward becoming more conscious of my attitudes and behaviour patterns and I am willing to change those that are harmful to myself and others. I take responsibility for the results of my actions. I admit my mistakes and take steps to restore harmony.
  2. My external world also exists inside me. When something irritates me, I will first look inside myself and only after that start to deal with the external world.
  3. I communicate in a caring and respectful way. I care for others and myself and communicate honestly and clearly. I will listen with an open heart before talking. I am also open towards other nationalities. I respect the freedom of opinion of others and will not forcefully inflict my truth or desires upon anybody. I agree to intervene when I see behaviour that I feel may be abusive toward myself or others
  4. I respect the Earth. I strive towards choosing more environmentally friendly alternatives (e.g. in building, transport, detergents). I will sort my trash, prefer composting toilets and eat local and organic food when possible.
  5. I wish to cooperate. I understand that there is co-creation happening in the community and I am part of it. I agree to receive and give reflections to others in a considerate manner. In case of conflicts I am ready to solve them: (1) first I will personally talk to the person I have an issue with (not behind their back); if this doesn’t succeed, (2) I will include a third person to mediate the talk; if this doesn’t succeed, (3) I will bring the conflict/issue in a bigger circle. The invited party is obliged to cooperate and participate in such circles.
  6. I honour the agreements. I am punctual in financial matters and I honour all agreements. I will be punctual time-wise. When leaving a space I will leave it in a better state than it was before.