We are an intentional community in the beautiful countryside in Estonia and are visioning to create a place to be yourself, to heal mankind and Earth, to become a model and have a grounded life in the countryside.

Our community Väike Jalajälg (Small Footprint) is located in Mõisamaa manor Estonia since 2014. We believe that the creation of new and sustainable life is possible through practical everyday life experience, by living and working in an intentional community. The members of Small Footprint are connected by a common understanding of the sustainable operation of community through all four aspects – ecological, social, economic and worldview.

The purpose of Small Footprint community is to promote sustainable values and community lifestyle. Developing interpersonal relationships based on trust and cooperation is also very important for us. See our vision.

Community Small Footprint operates as two organizations:

  • Economic cooperative (MÜ) Väike Jalajälg, that owns our real estate
  • NGO Väike Jalajälg, that operates our everyday life, projects, educational activities, workshops and raw chocolate production.

Our members co-own 33 hectares of land, 100+ fruit trees (mainly apple), 200+ berry bushes (mainly aronia, currants and gooseberries). Our arable land is certified organic. We have 2 polytunnels and a garden used for growing veggies. We have a big garage/workshop, stables and several large storage sheds. 3 houses are occupied with one serving as a community house and kitchen. We have several houses and spaces available to be habited. We plan to develop our orchard and permaculture garden, renovate our buildings and construct more (tiny) houses, and develop various economic and social activities.

We have met thanks to the activities of the Estonian ecovillage movement (NGO Network of Estonian Eco-communities) and the global ecovillage network GEN Europe.


In the end of 2022 the ecovillage ended its operations. We thank everyone who has been on this yourney with us!