Creating readiness for environmentally sustainable lifestyle training activities at Mõisamaa Eco-centre

Financed by: National Foundation of Civil Society, ministry of internal affairs

Support sum: 11 096,21 EUR

Goal: to develop the activities of Väike Jalajälg MTÜ to a level where from April 2016 the NGO is both substantially (skills, knowledge, contacts, etc.) and formally (rooms, practice base, etc.) able and ready to organize trainings on environmentally sustainable lifestyle for both adults and schoolchildren at Mõisamaa Eco-centre.

Main activities:

  • Preparing future instructors through completing a permaculture design training
  • Organizing work-party weekends and learning days for schoolchildren
  • Developing the training schedule and offerings, creating the concept for learning days for schoolchildren
  • Creating an educational garden that follows the principles of permaculture
  • Minor repairs of the training rooms, kitchen repairs with the purpose of notification of the kitchen in order to offer catering at trainings
  • Communication and other supportive activities: developing the change theory for the NGO, developing the webpage, creating and administering a network of volunteers, publishing the training packages, creating contacts with schools, etc

Smaller Footprint

Financed by: Estonian NGO Fund

Project Description: The awareness among Estonians about sustainable lifestyle where the planet’s resources are used responsibly is still rather low and there aren’t many examples of sustainable lifestyle and energy solutions created on grass-roots and community level. Project’s activities are aimed at promoting environmentally sustainable lifestyle and execution of practical solutions by the example of Small Footprint eco-community. For reaching that aim, a suitable technological, economical and legal framework will be worked out, taking into account of the local climate. A training base will be initiated, where community’s experience and knowledge will be shared with other communities and interested people.