Vision of Small Footprint

The vision of Small Footprint is healthy Earth. We see a world where all living is sacred, celebrated and connected.

Mission of Small Footprint

We will create an economically and ecologically sustainable village where we value the present and future generations, quality human relations and cooperation. We will school our children, grow our food and offer an experiential space through open environment to people wishing to live in a community.

In perspective we foresee that by the year 2020 we have grown economically, ecologically and socially into a sustainable ecovillage:

  • that is a living and working environment for 50 people,
  • where regular trainings of sustainable lifestyle are held (we’ll offer inspiring trainings to at least 500 people a year),
  • where we produce at least 50% of our food and the majority of our energy using the principles of renewable energy,
  • with Mõisamaa Gaia School having at least 10 pupils,
  • that has an open creative center with different workshops,
  • with companies contributing to the economic development of the ecovillage, local community and Estonia.