The purpose of Small Footprint community is to promote sustainable values and community lifestyle and thereby to reduce the ecologic footprint of Estonian residents. Developing interpersonal relationships based on trust and cooperation is also very important for the community and that’s what we are consciously working on.

To make our goals come true we have created an intentional community and ecovillage in Mõisamaa village, Märjamaa parish, Estonia, where we can create an example of a wholesome living environment and test community-based and sustainable solutions that could serve as an example for the whole Estonian society.

The community strives to develop an open learning and experiential space for living and learning sustainable life. Through our training and development activities we offer a chance for those interested to take part in developing new environmental technologies, leadership and organizational principles.

The members of our community have met thanks to the activities of the Estonian ecovillage movement (NGO Network of Estonian Eco-communities) and the global ecovillage network GEN Europe.

Since 2008 we have participated in several ecovillage-related courses and visited ecovillages abroad, to use those as examples for designing our own community.

In our daily activities we use techniques learned from other European intentional communities and through this we strive to increase the social coherence of people and to upkeep the health of the community: social techniques of communities like nonviolent communication, deep democracy, sociocracy, permaculture, dragon dreaming.

We organize trainings, events, we serve as a training base for Gaia Academy courses and operate a raw chocolate factory. Through our cooperative we also offer other services.

Here’s a selection of other eco-communities our members have visited:

  • Damanhur, a federation of spiritual communities and Torri Superiore ecovillage in Italy
  • Tamera Peace Research Center in Portugal
  • Schloss Glarisegg and Schweibenalp in Switzerland
  • Templehof, ZEGG Gemeinschaft and Sieben Linden in Germany
  • Keuruu, Porlammi and Livonsaari Ekoyhteisö in Finland
  • Ängbacka, Syderbyn and Solvik ecovillages in Sweden
  • Findhorn in Scotland
  • Arterra in Spain
  • Cloughjordan in Ireland

A selection of courses our members have completed:

  • EDE – Ecovillage Design Education (a month-long international program)
  • Rising Together – Community leadership training (Esna 2014 and Finland 2015, 2016, Mõisamaa 2018)
  • Permaculture Design Certificate Course (Sieben Linden 2009 and Mõisamaa 2015)
  • Zegg-Forum trainings (Sänna 2011, Mõisamaa 2016, 2017 and Zegg 2016)
  • Dragon Dreaming (Sieben Linden 2015, Mõisamaa 2017)
  • Sociocracy (Mõisamaa 2015, Arterra 2019)
  • Deep Democracy (Mõisamaa 2014)
  • Beyond You and Me – Inspiration and wisdom for building intentional communities (Sieben Linden 2010)
  • Eco-building courses (Koordi and Tuderna 2010)
  • Introduction Week (Tamera 2015)
  • Tantric life coach (Sänna and Finland 2013-2014)
  • Technology for Decentralized Autonomous Energy Supply (Tamera 2015)