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We welcome young people in age 18-30 as EVS volunteers in our eco-village starting from June 2017!

We are looking for 2-3 volunteers to live and work with us for one year, living in beautiful Estonia and being part of an intentional eco-community Small Footrpint. Applications (CV and motivation letter) are welcome before January 20th to the address info@vaikejalajalg.ee.

The main aim of our community is to develop an eco-village that is a holistic model of sustainability. The community was established in 2014. Currently there are 12 grown-ups and 6 children living in the village full-time. Additionally there have been about 600 shorter and longer term visitors per year taking part of the trainings and other public events. We offer courses and develop everyday practices on all four aspects of sustainability – ecological, economical, social and world view. We have set up a small organic garden, which partly provides our food. Also we have established a small community school with a group of eight children in different ages acquiring primary education and a couple of local companies are operating in the village. We organise regular talking circles and practices to support mindfulness and personal accountability of our members. We are located in rural Estonia, 70 km from the capital Tallinn.

Our volunteers are encouraged to work in two fields – education and sustainable food. First, the volunteers will be assisting and initiating activities related to developing our open course-centre. This would include contributing to organising courses, workshops and camps targeted both to adults and children. Second we expect the volunteers to contribute to our sustainable food related activities. Setting up and organising the community garden operations, assisting the marketing and selling of products outside the community, product development of local food products are some of the activities we welcome contribution to.

In general, life in our community offers experience with co-creation in a group, learning different tools to work with social groups, bodywork (dance and yoga), developing personal accountability. Our community is a good place to learn about permaculture design, eco-building and nature-friendly renovation, organic food growing and marketing, values based entrepreneurship.

Find out more about European Voluntary Service program here: http://europeanvoluntaryservice.org/

Riinu Lepa, phone +37253494120
e-mail: info@vaikejalajalg.ee
web: www.vaikejalajalg.ee
FB: www.facebook.com/vaikejalajalg
Small Footprint NGO / Väike Jalajälg MTÜ
Ökokeskuse, Mõisamaa küla, Märjamaa vald, Raplamaa, Estonia